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It’s been a while since I posted, but that’s because I’ve been taking things slow. Aside from filling internet orders, I’ve been enjoying the slower groove these days and have been playing, relaxing, shopping and just enjoying the cooler temperatures and time with the kids and Patrick. I even redid my bedroom and gave it a whole decorating makeover in the spirit of Trading Spaces. I should post before and after pictures. Isn’t it the best feeling to redo your room? It reminds me of when I was a little kid and my mom would move all my furniture around. In the middle of the night I’d wake up completely disoriented my the new viewing position from my bed and absolutely thrilled about it.

Anyway, I love this feeling, such a great reward after two months of hard non-stop work! It’s not all fun and games though. I’m making December my National Novel Revision month. My goal is to get my new manuscript to my agent by the end of the year, no matter what!

NEWSFLASH: The Crafty Chica Creativity Cruise is almost all set, looks like it will be Sept 2006 with Carnival. We are limiting this first go-round to 40 people to get the feel of it. The theme of this first one will be Latino art. We’ll depart from L.A. and go to Ensenada for the day and come back. There will be all kinds of fun art workshops. I’ll let you know as soon as sign up is open. I also have five more trips in 2006 – Las Vegas, Guadajara, Philly, NYC and Miami. 2005 isn’t even over but it feels like 2006 is already here. Must take a deep breath and slow down…

In the meantime, I’m going to make the most of December. We’re putting up the tree and lights this week and are going to make the season last as long as we can because once it is over, it’s over! And being crafty is a big part of that. Check back to the site each DAY in December because I’ll have a new idea posted on my library blog. I’ll also have a new podcast show every week.

Speaking of podcasts, thank you to all who have tuned in! I’m having so much fun with it! and I wanted to give you a heads up on a NEW podcast by collage goddess Claudine Hellmuth! You can find it on iTunes, Yahoo, etc – just do a search on her name. I LOVE her first show. She shares the gory details of her freshman year oil painting class. It will bring a painful yet inspiring tear to your eye…

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