Coming up for air!

OK, I can come up for air now.

What a crazy month of surfing through producing orders, dealing with a horrible mail service (both USPS and FedEX!), buying 50 gifts in two days, wrapping them in one night, making tamales for the FIRST time all by myself on that same night, and then covering four houses in one day yesterday…and smiling the whole time.

It was nuts, but I survived and am happy I did.

First, the art orders. They stopped about this time last week, so I let out a deep breath. But on Tuesday, they kicked up again. Loco stuff – like people ordering $200-300 worth of art and wanting it FedEx-ed by Saturday. And then my dad wasn’t feeling good so he never got around to making the tamales – first time in 50 years. So at 11:30 pm Friday night I took it upon myself to do the honors. He makes 30 dozen, but I tried six dozen.

They came out good (thanks to my mom-in-law who showed me how to strain the chilis), except I needed help with wrapping them. I didn’t smear the masa correctly across the husks, so all my tamales came out like two layer candy bars. A layer of masa on the bottom and a layer of carne on top – with an olive floating around somewhere too.

I also made what I call a Chubby Girl Delight: Peppermint Bark Brownies! They rocked!

Today I’m cleaning. I’m on a mission to have a fresh abode for the New Year. I want to be more organized and most of all more artful. This week I’m cleaning out the art studio and rearranging everything. I want to erase everything from our art web site and put up new goodies. I want to paint large canvases, furniture and less magnets and birdhouses. I want to design a line of jewlery and stationery items. And handbags. Did I mention I want to finish the final draft of my novel and sell it. Did I mention I’m starting a new book about sewing this month too?

It sounds like a lot, but I’m ready! As I’m typing this, Maya is standing over my shoulder reading it and laughing. “Mom, we are artists! We couldn’t be organized if we tried!” she says. She’s right. But I’m still going to at least clean out the kitchen junk drawers.

Yesterday I read 52 Projects from cover to cover (during the car rides from house to house). You HAVE to get this book. It has so many great ideas for making the most of your life and all the little things that happen during the day. A couple of the ones I liked were taking a picture of your significant other while they are sleeping and then writing a little poem. Or painting a canvas and then sneakily hanging it up at a public place, like a coffee house or a bathroom library. I also like the one about how next time someone breaks a glass in your house, save the pieces in a jar and then write a label that tells about it. Very cool. There are gobs of other ones. check out the web site,!
peace, respect & glitter.
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