I know, I know. I had boasted about having new podcasts every day all through December. And new projects posted. But I didn’t expect to be so busy with orders for the season. Patrick and I have been eating, breathing and dreaming of ornaments. We’ve been painting, packing and shipping dozens a day. It’s been nuts. I haven’t had time for anything else! However, I just had to take a break. Last night I flipped off the light switch in the studio so I could watch the season finale of America’s Next Top Model, the next installment of Martha’s apprentice and the premiere of Project Runway. It was worth the break!

OK, let me tell you about this week. It’s been so surreal. You know the article I mentioned in Working Mother Magazine? Well, a TV producer read the story, loved it and well…things are in the works for something and it is moving fast. I don’t know what just yet, but I have a really good feeling in my gut. However, that is the same reaction I had when Martha’s people called me about coming on her show and nothing has happened yet. But the season isn’t over, so I’m happily sipping from a glass that is half full.

As if that wasn’t good enough news – I got an offer from my publisher for my next book! This is a book about sewing, Crafty Chica style. This is a huge deal for me because it’s hard enough to get an offer for a follow up book, but in my case, this offer came before the first book is even out! My whole mission is focused on getting good sales for Art de la Soul. It comes out February 1st. I’ve even enlisted the help of a publicist for our business. That was hard for me, because I’m used to doing everything myself. But I’ve learned from past personal experience – and from watching four seasons of The Apprentice – that at some stage in the game, as a leader I have to set my sights on the big picture and get help from others with the some of the other tasks.

This was my biggest mistake years ago when Patrick and I had those two sales reps. We spent so much time cranking out handpainted art to 300 wholesale accounts, that we never carved anytime out to plan for the future. It was a never-ending cycle of stress, heartache and poverty. I won’t let that happen again! Big picture. Big picture. Big picture!

I’ve received emails about my Shadow Box book. Right now it is out of stock, it is going into another printing and will be packaged with La Casa Loca, but that won’t be until one year from now. Until then, you can score a copy for $65 bucks! I’m worried the same thing may happen with La Casa Loca, so buy your copy now before it sells out of this printing too!

Alrighty, off to bed!

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