Hit! hit! hit!

That is all I heard tonight.

I had my first Afro-Caribben Cardio class. It was such a BLAST! At the last minunte before I left, Maya decided to go with me. I didn’t tell her what “kind” of exercise class it was. When we got there and she heard the music and saw people hitting machetes (sticks) she goes: “Mommy, I don’t want to do this.”

I was like (finger wag) “Go get a set of sticks, you agreed to come!”

She loved it! You partner up with someone and do all these crazy moves called “The Matrix” and “Half Matrix” in time of counting and on the fourth count you “hit” the others person’s sticks. We are going back on Wednesday. I’ve lost 20 pounds already and I’m geared to burn off more. Like I said in my earlier post, I depise exercise, but I think I found my niche. Even though when I should have looked like a slick Keanu Reeves fighting a bad guy to African drum beats, I was doing the can-can type body movements…

I felt so empowered afterward that I went straight to this local consignment shop that had been jacking me around with my account every month and when they once again, when didn’t have my check (they told me to come after 5pm to pick it up), I took all my art out of there. Even though I had been there for a decade when they had more professional owners. It was hard, but Mama don’t play that no more!

It was a good day all around. I finalized all the details for the Crafty Chica Creativity Cruise (flyer is being made as I type!) and I had an invigorating convo with the head of marketing from my publisher! My book release is only weeks away we are all hustling every angle to get the word out. Now I’m going to polish up onemore chapter in my novel, and then take a hot bath and soak. I’m sore from “hitting”!

Have a super glowing rainbow kind of day tomorrow, OK? You deserve it!


peace, respect & glitter.
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Love & light,

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