It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

I absolutely love this time of the year. I take January as a time of rebirth. A time to clean my slate and then load it up with all kinds of new opportunities and goals. My motto is to think BIG, and then anything close to that is good news.

Like everyone else on the planet, I’m set on dropping some weight. I’m serious this time! I have some large scale (yikes! pardon the pun) TV stuff coming up, my book signings next month, plus a gob of other things. I want to look fabulous and feel fabulous. I’m already down almost 20 pounds! (Thank you Jaimee for telling me about SPANX!) If you have a few bumps you want smoothed out, I give this body shaper line five stars! Those diet angels need all the help they can get! I’m also relying on divine intervention from Our Lady. I hope by this time next year I can post before and after pictures!

Other crafty concoctions I’m cooking up these days:

I’m getting ready to start on my next book tentatively titled “Crafty Chica’s Stitches Gone Wild”.

By next week, I’ll have all the info up on the Crafty Chica Creativity Cruise, set to sail in September!

And yes, the novel revisions are STILL in progress. I’m making sure I write at least one hour a night.

But this next one has given me goosebumps – I’m launching my own line of glitters soon! It’s in development right now and it will be called The Crafty Chica Glitter Collection. I figure my tagline is crafts, drama, glitter so it’s a given!

Now let’s talk about YOU!

What are your big plans for 2006? Make a list and don’t hold back. The new year is here and that means it’s time to amaze yourself. Make this your time to shine. Kick your life into high gear.

Waiting for the “right time” to start a fantastic project? Chica, the “right time” is NOW! Whether you want to sell your crafts, write a book, take a class, learn to knit, exercise more, launch a web site – whatever it is – start the process today. Look at your schedule and squeeze in “me” time. Even if that means carrying around a box of supplies or a journal to use on your work break, hey, go for it. Ditch a TV show if you have to.

In the long run, which one will enrich your life the most? I know there is more to you than just work and family. If you don’t do it, another year will pass and you’ll be in the same spot as you are at this moment. You deserve more than that.

Start by making a cigar box shrine, using your grand idea as the focus. Keep it close by to nag you to work on it. I know you can do it!

Don’t forget to add glitter!

peace, respect & glitter.
See the new line of Crafty Chica products at select Michaels stores!! All content/photos copyright, © Kathy Cano-Murillo, 2008.

Love & light,

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