this is what happens when you have too much fun.

Yesterday we had the first Phoenix Fridas meeting of 2006. And what a meeting it was. We all brought beads, findings and needle nose pliers and dove into the crazy world of charm bracelets. I made this kamikaze charm bracelet watch. I hope the right kind of event comes up for me to wear it. Heck, any day should be fine to show it off! I love it. That is as long as it doesn’t get caught in my hair, like so many of my charm bracelets tend to do.

We had a great meeting. We planned out two big events for 2006. And we put up a MySpace page, so if you are on there, please add us a friend!

Phoenix Fridas
Crafty Chica

Anyway, we met at Lucia’s which was a fabulous place to get inspired. Every wall from the floor to the celing was covered in Mexican art. From paintings to crochet to collage. I came to the conclusion my house is frumpy and boring, purple walls and all. After hanging out at Lucia’s, I want to amp it up a few dozen notches!

If you aren’t in a craft group, you should put one together. It will add so much color to your life. Not to sound like an ad, but I have a whole feature in my new book about putting together a craft group. I love being a part of the Phoenix Fridas so much. It’s the only place where I can sit and talk about supplies, projects, ideas, the ups and downs of varnishes and not get kicked out on my butt. I swear, we all chirped about CRAFTS for two hours straight! They were also kind enough to let me read them the first chapter of my novel. They thought it was “sexy”! I didn’t intend for it to be sexy, do I seem sexy? Hardly! But I gladly took their opinions as a plus!

This morning I weighed in and I’m now down 20 pounds! It feels so good! Tonight I start my Afro-Brazilian cardio class at the downtown Phoenix center. I hate exercise and I refuse to do it. But my friend Fatimah is teaching this class and it is right up my alley. This is the only kind of exercise I can do because it won’t even feel like exercise, it will feel like dancing and playing. I hope!

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