Which way is up?

I need a security rail to hang onto. My mind and body have been bouncing around so many topics I just feel like plopping down in front of the TV like a zombie and staring at endless reruns of That’s So Raven.

The book release is a week from Tuesday! It’s so close and now I’m working with the marketing team at Harper daily on publicity and promotions. The staff there is so great and fast! I’ve been doing phone interviews for radio and print over the past two weeks and now have a short and long version of my history, depending on how long the interview is. This morning it was for a station in San Francisco, last week it was with an editor from InStyle Magazine for another magazine. I’m hustling like crazy getting my online promos hooked up as well! The marketing of a book is almost as hard as the writing of it!

If any of you kind souls who have blogs would be interested in writing about my book when it comes out (with a link to amazon!!), I’d be so eternally grateful and will send you a lifetime supply of good karma and glitter! Please let me know if you are interested and I can get you any info you need! ALSO: If youknow of any bookstores or media people who are interested, please let me know too! Gracias!

Next week I’m off to the National Craft and Hobby Show in Las Vegas. I probably won’t be around a while because I have so much pre-reporting and prep work to do before I go.

All this excitement has added to my weight loss! I’m down 25 pounds now and gone down a blouse and pant size – and a shoe size too! Weird! I hope it continues! Although right now I could sure go for a country style breakfast. OK, I won’t go there. But a big hunk of Texas toast buttered on both sides would be heavenly. And hash browns….

Psst…I posted some sneak peek pictures of a few projects from Art de la Soul on Flickr!
Click here to see them!

peace, respect & glitter.
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