Back from Vegas!

whew! home at last.

just got in a couple hours ago from las vegas, the craft and hobby show. the show was so BIG that one lady clocked in 20 miles on her pedometer! i was there since monday checking out the goods (9 am-9 pm, minimal breaks!) and by today, i still wished i’d had more time to soak it all up. overall there were more than 1,100 exhibitors. today i spent the entire day going to each booth of the scrapbooth area, which consisted of more than 500 exhibitors. i’ve never seen so much brown/blue and brown/pink combos in my life! the show was awesome though, gobs of great new products coming out in the market, all of which i’ll be writing about for the paper in the coming weeks. it was also amazing to meet people from all over the country who either knew about my web site or who read my column in their local paper.

enough with that, i’m ready to go crash. tomorrow i have to unpack two 50-pound suitcases and go to work to spill all the info to my editors about the show.i have to just say, i’m so proud of arizona. this week i discovered so many fabulous, talented designers from my home state that arte rockin’ the crafty world.

mmmmm kay, can’t keep my eyelids up, must go plop on bed and whisper sweet-nothings to the expensive goosedown pillows that my sister got me for christmas. i know exactly what i’m going to dream about: making art! even though my body is aching and feet throbbing, my mind is bursting with all kinds of ideas of new things to make!

real quick – here is my Sanaa Lathan interview. It’s for her new film, Something New.

5 days until my book comes out!

p.s. i also have a zillion emails to go through tomorrow, sorry i’ve been out of touch!
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