Praying to the crafty gods

I’ve decided I want to stay up until midnight tonight to see when my book “officially” goes on sale. I’m even taking a picture. It’s already up on, I guess they go by east coast time. I’m so nervous. I have 50,000 copies to move. While i’m whistling and passing the time, I’ll yack a bit.

From day one, I was told this project would be a challenge because my book is a “niche within a niche”. Crafting – and then Latinas (actually anyone who likes Latino culture!). At first I laughed. I’m a Perky Patty on most days. I saw it different. Not one market but TWO! Crafters AND Latinas!!! Woo-hoo!

But now on the eve of the book’s release, I’m practically breaking out in hives. What if they are right and it really is a niche within a niche? All I know is that the latest craft industry reports show that 51% of Hispanics households have crafters. I’m one of them. But my vision/dream/hope/mission for this book is to show the new generation of crafters who dig Latino culture. Sometimes it feels like the industry thinks we are all sitting around sewing Quinceanera veils. We like cool cosmo things and hip decor – and directions and packaging in English. But crafting is even more fun when we can add a dash of whimsical culture to our handmade style. That’s whether you are British, Italian, Japanese or Irish…I have nifty art supplies and rubber stamps from all those cultures!

(I’m just talking to myself here) I know this book has a wider audience – all kinds of people travel the globe and collect folk art. I’m sure they’d like to make some of their own, don’t cha think? Last week at the craft convention, I saw a few very cool booths that had Latino products. There were also some scary items. Like one guy I asked for multi-cultural scrapbook paper and he led me to a pretty chili pepper collection. Hey, it’s all good, we just yearn for more choices!

I know in my heart that there is an audience for instructions on how to make Super Santitos fabric collage art. And a string of patio lights made from racy Mexican romance comics. Did I mention the Aztec Body Fondue? Yes, this book is heavy on my Mexican-American heritage. My next proposed three books are not, they are general crafting books in other parts of my personality. I’m rambling…

6 minutes to go. Tonight I’m lighting a row of hot pink prayer candles that I embellished with pictures from my book, in the hopes that I will wake up tomorrow (and the next days) and my book wll be “My Big Fat Latino Craft Book” success… A chica can dream, right?
Kathy 🙂

Love & light,

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