Soulful Saturday (Pictures too!)

I wish everyday was like today. Yesterday I was crying over a painful toothache and today I’m practically drinking Mod Podge.

I spent the first part of the morning reporting on a newspaper assignment on The Creative Quest.
Judy Ross, one of the owners, gave me one-on-one instruction on the gritty details of rubber stamping. From dye to pigment to watermark and solvent pads, I can win big points in Rubber Stamping Trivial Pursuit. Judy is the queen of paper arts and stamping. She is all over national TV showing her work, and tomorrow she leaves for the London to demo at the UK Craft Convention. Oh, how I wish I could be a rubber stamp tucked inside her suitcase…

Speaking of craft conventions – here is a pic of me with my crafty comadres in Vegas at the CHA show. That’s Traci Bautista and the incomparable Jennifer Perkins! I wish so bad I had snapped pictures with the lovely and talented Claudine and the super swell authors of Visual Chronicles too! We were all in the same booth area, chatting and snapping pictures of eachother, but our faces missed eachothers camera lenses!

Back to today. After my stamp soiree, I hustled my way to teach my Love Shrine workshop.

That’s Sharron hard at work! We made hanging shrines inside of chocolate candy box lids. I had a book signing too, and before I knew it, I was signing copies – 14 by the time I left.

Here is Kristl and her sister, Kimarie. Both are big time crafters. Kristl is planning a Dia de los Muertos wedding in October!

Ide came by too, all happy and smiling, brighter than a Happy Face button!

Now I have to go jump in the art room. We have gobs of orders to get out this weekend. It’s already Saturday night and I want to hurry before my tooth starts to hurt again…

Love & light,

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