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Michael Douglas and Eva Longoria interviews

Michael Douglas, 20th Century Fox

I’ve always been a fan of Michael Douglas.

From Romancing the Stone to Falling Down. So when I found out I was to interview him for his new movie, The Sentinel, I freaked a little bit. Wouldn’t you? There is nothing worse than digging a movie star all your life and then talking to them and finding out they are rude. Luckily, this was NOT the case with Mr. Douglas. He is a true pro, very polite and willing to give a fun answer. He even greeted me by my name, and remembered it at the end of the interview when he said goodbye, which was a nice touch! Halfway through our conversation, his wife called. I included it in the article.

So, here is my interview with him.

Two hours after Michael called (yes, we are on a first name basis now), my girl Eva, buzzed!

She was very relaxed. She came on the phone and said hi, and then broke away for a sec to ask someone for pineapple. She came back on the phone and told me she was starving.

I’m thinking, “You’re starving and you are eating pineapple?” When I’m starving, I eat… oh, you don’t want to know. Perhaps that’s why she is in the bikini and I’m not. Anyway – she didn’t give me any goofy quotes like she did for other interviews. I was happy about that. She was a smart and funny chica and talked about growing up on a ranch, Dolores Huerta and how she deals with fame. It’s all in the story below.

Sometimes I’m not able to fit in all the quotes from an interview, so here is what was left out. I asked Eva about being on Oprah and if her parents still like the way Nate decorated their house. She said they loved it, but that “all the expensive Mexican pottery got moved to the back patio” because Eva’s mom thought it cluttered the kitchen while she was cooking. I thought that was cute! Her family seems very down to Earth.

Here is my Eva Longoria interview.

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