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Virgin of Guadalupe Laptop Sleeve

Last week I bought an adorable 12″ iBook G4 and I love it sooo much! I wanted to buy a little sleeve for it but all I could find were boring, expensive options. My little iBook is very special to me, it deserves better! So last night, I made my own.

I cut four pieces of fabric (two types) that measured a bit wider on each side to allow for my seams. I made two “sandwiches” that consisted of two pieces of contrasting fabric with a double layer of batting inside. And then I sewed loopey-loops all over each seamed sandwich to keep the batting in place and stitched the two together.

This is what you call homegirl crafting. I was so excited – plus I was delirious with a cold – that I didn’t even measure anything. I eyeballed the whole thing. It’s a little uneven in spots, but only I can notice where.

My original plan was to not have a flap, but to have the top come together with a zipper. But alas, my eyeball measurements needed glasses. I measured a bit too small lengthwise. So instead of crying and pitching it across the room in a Mariah Carey fit of rage, I relaxed and simply made one more fabric/batting sandwhich, stitched it on, added a button to the front and some ribbon to close it and there ya go! It’s way better than any store bought sleeve! Now I have to go find a sturdy travel bag to carry it in!

TIP: This is a great project to use up fabric scraps. It will make the laptop sleeve more funky if you have all different kinds of patterns.

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