On my way to Miami!

I’m at Sky Harbor waiting for my plane. First Las Vegas, then Miami. Patrick gave me four “lucky” quarters to play on the slots during my airport switcheroo. I have about 30 minutes, so I’ll be tossing them in a row of machines as I hustle from one gate to another.

I have no idea what to expect in Miami. I envision a combined setting of “There’s Something About Mary” (was that in Miami?), Alisa’s book “Make Him Look Good” and “The Real World: Miami” – the one with Dan the model, and that snooty Cuban girl who moved out of the house early. Why do I know this stuff? I wish that brain space could instead be filled with power verbs for my fiction book that I’m forever working on. I’m hoping that hanging with all these successful authors this weekend will help recharge my batteries. It’s been 18 months since I wrote my first draft.

Remember yesterday I blogged about my mini brain malfunction? “Can you ask me a favor?” Today it was Maya’s turn. We were in the car and she asks, “Mommy, can I make a friend for my card?”

“Sure!” I reply, fully understanding her. Frightening, I know. The girl wanted to make a card for her friend. Maya realized what she asked and said, “Oh great. Now I’m talking like you!”

Oh! Guess what I did today? It’s something I haven’t in YEARS. I bought SLEEVELESS tops for Miami! I have a severe case of CAS (Chubby Arm Syndrome). But I’m going to the land of tans, thongs and palm trees, how can I wear 3/4-length sleeves all weekend? Life is too short. Today I went into the chubby girls store and told the clerk what I was considering. She was a big girl too, super cute and smiley.

“Just go for it! My friend just went sleeveless last month and it changed her life! Pick up some bronzing lotion and put it on your arms and you will be fine…”

She convinced me! Within half an hour I was trying on sparkly, sequin-trimmed halter dresses, despite my Easter ham upper arms. I settled for a couple breezy tops. Heck, I’m married, happy, why shouldn’t I be comfortable? Plus, I think it will help me continue to lose weight. I’ve lost 35 pounds since December and it’s about time I celebrated! Viva la upper arms!

OK, off to read the new issue of People Magazine. I brought my camera, but forgot my connecter thingy. I can’t upload pictures from the trip until I get home. Oh well.

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  1. Just have to throw in a “Viva la Woohoo Waving Arms” to you and your slimming self! Oh, and another ass-backwards speak for you: my friend’s toddler has taken to saying “I do it my byself.”
    My Dad comforted me when I did that by telling me it was a sign of intelligence. 🙂
    (you don’t know me; I followed a link from C Hellmuth and enjoy your blog and site very much!)
    Have fun in Miami; pass on the inspiration to your fellow writers here in web world.

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