The Poseidon Adventure was the first PG movie I ever saw. It made such a profound effect on me at the time. I was a little kid and had never seen anyone in peril – not even my pet goldfish. So to see Stella Stevens fall in a pit of fire and poor Shelly Winters have a heart attack after swimming to save Gene Hackman, the preacher – oh gosh. I think I need to go watch the DVD right now…

OK. Now I have the DVD playing.

Oh. By the way, I saw the remake this week. It was so-so. The problem I had was there was not enough character development. In the original the first 30-40 minutes was all set up. Those storylines are what made me cry when the characters died one-by-one. In the new movie, within minutes the guests are clinking New Year’s Eve champagne flutes. They each recieve about a sentence worth of back story. And my biggest issue was that all the female characters looked the same once they were drenched. It was so hard to distinguish them from one another! And Richard Dreyfuss has new teeth. What’s the deal with all these movie stars and their fake horse teeth lately? Ick. Anway – the special effects of Poseidon were pretty cool though. I may see it again. I’m not sure.

Before I go, I want you to meet my new best friend and fellow P.A. devotee, Paul Wilson. He is a Phoenix filmmaker and artist who LUVS the flick so much he decorated his bedroom to look like Stella Stevens’ cabin in the film. His patio looks likes an ocean liner deck and his living room is set up like the grand ballroom from the movie!

I sat next to Paul at the new Posiedon screening and he came in a 70s tuxedo with confetti glued all over it to resemble the ill-fated night in the film. He held a life preserver and threw confetti on me all night. I still have it in my hair. I *heart* Paul. We agreed to get together sometime so he could show me how to make the table centerpieces from the extravagant party scene from the original film. Is this TMI?

Check out this article on him and of his house (it’s linked on the same page…)

One thing I DO know – I won’t be seeing Just My Luck again! Although Chris Pine (co-star) was a real sweetie!

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