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It’s been five months since my book came out and I want to celebrate. I know I’ve had other books released, but this one just feels different. I’ve never had such a huge response before. I’ve had sparkling reviews and articles on it in Editor & Publisher, Figure Magazine, L.A. Times, Newsday, Somerset Studio, Artist’s Sketchbook, sheesh! I’ve had Latina crafting groups contact and invite me out to their meetings. Even a few celebs have taken a liking to it. The list goes on! And it doesn’t stop there. There are several others coming up this summer like Adorn Magazine, Venus Zine, Cutting Edge, Knit1 and Seattle Times!

Currently I’m working on network pitches for my Crafty Chica show, and am “thisclose” to submitting my novel manuscript to my new agent, Erin. And in coming weeks, my next Crafty Chica craft book goes up for sale to publishing houses. It will be my best one yet. As soon as it is a done deal, I’ll post all the details. I’m also gearing up for New York, California and Mexico. Life is glittery indeed. I never thought I’d be doing all of this. I always thought “Well, I’ll try it and see how far it goes.” And now look. Recently I had someone kid around and call me the Rachel Ray of crafting and it brought a tear to my eye. She started the same way as me, local TV and store demos. It would be my ultimate fantasy to have a career like hers, EVOO and all! But for now, I’m grounded and taking one fast step at a time, holding on for the surreal ride.

So I thought I’d share a project from Crafty Chica’s Art de la Soul in honor of the anniversary and just because I’m feeling so perky. To think I was bummed because LOST, American Idol and America’s Next Top Model have ended. I worried what I’d do with my Wednesday nights now. Um, jump on getting my orders out, that’s what. I feel guilty posting here because Patrick and I still have so many packages to pack and mail to poor people who have been waiting forever.

This is a window shade that is so easy it should be a crime. You simply buy a window shade kit that comes with fabric fusing. Buy your fabric and follow the directions! I took it a step further and added some trim and a hanging tassel.

By the way, if you like the Mexicali fabrics I’ve been using, they are Alexander Henry. Today I met the head designer, Nicole DeLeon, and she is a genius! Anyway, you must try this project with your favorite material. It really does wonders for perking up a room!

Real quick – Did you see Game Show Marathon tonight? Love it! Talk about a guilty pleasure!
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