Coming up for air (for a second)

First off, pardon any typos. I’m seeing blurry right now.

I’m on high speed these days, trying to get ready for the Renegade Craft Fair. Mailed out all the late orders and am now working as fast as I can to design create fabuloso items for the fair. It will be a blast to bring some Phoenix Chicana power to the east coast! However, the event is jammed with all kinds of superstar crafters and artists from around the country, so I’m not expecting to make a killing at sales. What I’m most looking forward to is finally meeting so many of these talented folks in person! I hope they are up for trading goodies! Me like to trade.

I haven’t had much time to podcast or blog. Before this weekend, I was working away on finishing up my fiction manuscript. Even though I’m so, so, so close to being done, I had to set is aside to concentrate on Renegade. As soon as I get back, step aside! My fingers will be flyin’ on the keyboard. Yah, yah – i know what you are thinking: “That’s what she ALWAYS says!” But honest to goodness, I’m ready to submit it again. It’s a really fun, juicy story about a Latina crafting group. Think How to Make an American Quilt-meets-Charlie’s Angels with glue guns!

In the meantime, you should have seen me today. Woo, mamacita! I had about six projects that I juggled. While one thing dried or cooled on the kitchen counter, I sprinted to the art studio and hopped on the sewing machine. When I finished something up, I zoomed over to the laundry room to package and label. The weird thing about this craft fair is that it is way far away. So each kid will have to cart two suitcases, one with their clothes, the other with art merch. I’m bummed I can’t take birdhouses or painted pottery – two our best-selling items. Instead, I had to think light and small. Lordy, i hope I can fill up a booth!

Poor Patrick has been just as busy as me. He went on a woodburning bender last week. He did it so much he had to take a break and run to Home Depot for goggles. OMG, wait until I post pictures of what he made. He did these super wicked picture frames. I wanted to bad to paint over his woodburned designs, but he practically slapped my hands. I guess some things are meant to be left without color…

Well, I’m getting back to work. I’m sure stuff is cooled and dried by now! Adios!

Kathy 🙂

p.S. Here are some recent articles:

My current favorite craft books. BTW, congrats to Megan Nicolay from Generation T for scoring a spot on Martha’s show!! What a way to rock it for the new generation! Right on, girl!

Nick Nolte. He talked about his new film, Peaceful Warrior. He is also the mean bear in Over the Hedge. He was nice but kept me on the phone for a long time talking about his days at Phoenix College, which I thought was very cool.

Overlooked movie mutants. I did this fun piece because I think we should remember the less sexy mutants of the cinema. Much respect to Storm and Wolverine, but I think The Incredible Shrinking Woman deserves a nod too!

Thomas Haden Church. We talked about snack foods for at least five minutes. He likes Funyons. But I didn’t have room to fit it in the story. Nice guy.

This week it is Virginia Madsen. She is a hardcore crafter!

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