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I apologize for the long run without new ideas! I’ve been traveling so much this summer, I haven’t had much time. But I’m back in the crafty saddle. First up – Glitter n Glam Rings! I was inspired to make these after indulging in way too much gourmet glitter from ArtGlitter.com.

Resin Jewelry Molds (see pic below, available at Hobby Lobby and other craft stores)
EasyCast resin (available at Hobby Lobby and other craft stores)
Mixing cups, measuring cup, chopstick for stirring (found at craft store)
Ring blanks (I buy mine on eBay)
Loose glitter (the more dimensional in color, the better)

How to do it:
Prepare the resin mixture according to the package directions – EXACTLY. Do not “eyeball” the measurements because your resin will not set and you will cry. Pour a small amount of the resin in the mold, blow with straw to remove gas bubbles. When resin is clear, pour in the glitter almost to the top of the mold, but not all the way. Now pour in another thin layer of resin. Use the chopstick to move the resin around so it covers all of the glitter. Blow out bubbles with straw. Let set for 24 hours. Add one more thin layer of resin and set the ring blank face down*. Let sit for 24 hours. Pop out of mold and use a file or sandpaper to smooth down the edges. If desired, use a buffing tool to make the ring shiny.

*Alternative: You can skip the last part and just use E6000 to glue the ring blank on. Also, you can embed other small object or pictures by printing them out on high gloss photo paper.



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