Hi from NYC!

Day 2 of our Big Apple journey. This time I’m here with my sister, Theresa and the kids. Patrick is home painting. He just got hired to design some wine labels!

Today we hit the meat packing district and had lunch at Pastis. The kids gasped when they spotted Natalie Portman walk in and ask for a table. We also cruised around the hood and visited fun shops like Scoop and Girlshop.

There was one downer of the day. Theresa and the kids went into a store and I went into Stella McCartney. Bad idea. I’m a perky chica and one of the things I love about New York is saying high to the staff when I cross the threshold. 99.99999% of the time, I’m always greeted by a cheery hello, or at least a smile or nod. But not at SM. I said “Hi!”, looked the dude in the eye -and he completely IGNORED me and flashed his eyes in the other direction. I guess to him, I didn’t look like a Stella shopper and therefore wasn’t worthy of his time. Sorry, but if I, ever get rich and skinny, I will so NOT shop there!!

After that we visited Toy Tokyo, Forbidden Planet (comic book/toy stores for the kids), Love Saves the Day and a cool Tibetan shop where I bought Patrick and DeAngelo Dalai Lama t-shirts.

As I type, Maya is with Theresa at the Rufus Wainwright concert. Other 13-year-old girls like Ashlee Simpson. My kid adores Rufus.

Tomorrow I meet with my new literary agent and finally get to peek inside the William Morris Agency headquarters! I’ve always wanted to do that. My brother happens to be here on busines this week so we’ll meet him for lunch. And then I’m taking in a movie screening of The Devil Wears Prada for my day job.

Geez, sorry this is a boring post!

OK, I’ll try to liven it up – “Sex, drugs and crafts, people!!!”

Ay, nevermind. g’night. p.S. don’t forget to come see me at Renegade Craft Fair – Sat and Sun, McCarren Park, Bedford and 12th St. 11 am-6 pm!!

Love & light,

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