I *heart* Manu Chao!

A few years back I used to write a lot of music stories for the newspaper. Dozens of CDs would come across my desk, and I never had time to listen to all of them.

But one day, there was a disc that stuck out from the stack. I took it home and listened to it over and over again. I loved it so much, I had never heard music like that and it cast a spell over me. It was Manu Chao’s Proxima Estacion: Esperanza.

I listened to it while cooking dinner, painting, cleaning the house, driving in the car. Anyone who spoke to me, I put my headphones on their ears in hopes of converting them. Patrick even got jealous because all I did was listen to this CD at every open opportunity. He called him “Manure Chao”. How rude! The last straw was when I took the disc in my CD player to one of Patrick’s concerts at a nightclub! Ouchie! Patrick was so hurt and told me so on his break. So I pledged my love to him and tossed my Manu Chao CD in the trash in front of his face. Major melodrama. Patrick felt really bad and apologized. So then I bought a new CD the next day.

I don’t listen to Manu Chao as much these days. Patrick and I still giggle over the Manu Chao phase in my life.

Anyway, now finally after all these years, Manu Chao is touring the US!!! Man, I REALLY want to go. Wouldn’t you know that the date he is coming to L.A., which is closest to Phoenix, is on Patrick’s BIRTHDAY?? Right, like I’m gonna tell my honey, “Hey, baby, I’m going to treat you to something sweet for your special day. We’re going to Los Angeles to see Manu Chao!!”

Sigh Oh well. At least I can watch his videos. Enjoy.

Love & light,

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