Introducing "Las Crafty Latinas"

After meeting other Latinas at Renegade this weekend and thinking about all the feedback I’ve recieved from my book since its release, I came to the conclusion that Latinas need a unified presence in the craft world. There are so many of us working our glue guns, mixing paints, twirling knitting needles and gunning our sewing machine pedals and we need to come together.

Earlier this year at the national craft convention, I kept hearing the organizers ask “How do we reach the Hispanic market?” “What kinds of things are they making?” Many have the impression that we are all sitting around crocheting doilies or making pinatas. Wrong. We are into sassy rock-n-roll wearables, cool handbags, and classy jewelry, just like all the other creative women of the world – and we come from all kinds of backgrounds like Cuba, Puerto Rico, Spain and Mexico. some of us are All American chicas, others of us live in our home countries. Regardless, we make cool stuff.

Even though there are bigger collectives out there, I created a homebase group for us called Las Crafty Latinas on MySpace. OK, some of you are flinching. But seriously, MySpace is a great way to connect with others. I’ve met so many new friends there. Think of it as one big crafty cocktail party with tables and comfy chairs and you mingle and meet other people you otherwise would have never met. If you have a book or business, it’s the perfect way to turn others on to your work, and vice versa! You can post picturtes, leave messages, ask questions, etc.

My dream is for us to unite at group shows like Renegade, or have a stronger presence in craft books, magazines and even TV shows. Hopefully this group will be a place where the industry experts can find us and see how many talented, diverse and original artists and crafters there are in our community!

Anyway – here is the group address if you would like to join Las Crafty Latinas. I think you may have to sign up to get a profile, but it’s worth it!

Click here to join.
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