Last night in the city

Warning: Disjoined post ahead. Haven’t had much sleep since – hmmm, let’s see….two weeks ago?

Renegade Craft Fair Brooklyn 2006 is over and done with. It was a weekend of hot, sweaty crafty fun. Lots of friendly tattooed shoppers, incredible clothing/handbag/jewelry designers. Many of them my newfound buddies! And even those I didn’t get to meet, I still feel a connection with them. Yesterday was breezy and very crowded. Today was beyond Phoenix-hot and very humid and foot traffic was light (but mighty). Theresa and Maya couldn’t handle it and cut out, while DeAngelo and I braved the hours. We started with three packed suitcases of merchandise and left the show with one half-full case. My worries were unfounded about east coasters not “getting” chicano pop art. Wrong. There really wasn’t any kind of southwest type of art at the event. Translation? Our sales ROCKED. So many folks asked one of two things:

1. “Where did you import these items from?” (answer: “Our studio from Phoenix, AZ!”)
2. “Are you here from L.A.?” (answer: Nope, we’re from Phoenix, AZ!”)

However – not one person asked “What do the skeletons represent?” I was happy about that because even here in Phoenix people ALWAYS ask that! This Brooklyn crowd knew their Mexican folk art, that’s for sure! We sold just about everything we made: necklaces, boxes, bottles, small paintings, magnets, etc. I made and sold a lot of jewelry, except for my clay earrings. I was so excited about them when I made them, but I didn’t sell a single set. One lady came close but chickened out. I should of had a clue when the night I packaged them Maya told me “Those look like Christmas ornaments!” – I was like; “Um, no. They are actually earrings.”

If you didn’t go to Renegade, here is what you missed that talented artists were selling:

– silk screened tees (“knitting is knotty”)
– purses in the shapes of monsters and guitars
– the coolest baby bibs you’ve ever seen (made from sandwiched clear vinyl with thingys inside)
– mini pins (my fave: “reading is sexy”)
– tropical themed dangly jewelry
– vinyl satchels, iPod holders, wallets
– journals made out of everything from old book covers to record albums
– stuffed food and monsters (as opposed to stuffed animals)

Yes, there was gobs more, I’ll post pictures when I get home. Tonight we are packing because we take off to the airport at 6 am. I guess I shouldn’t say “we”. Theresa and the kids are packing, i’m procrastinating.

Friday we checked out of our hotel in midtown Manhattan and came uptown to stay at my former book editor’s apartment that she wasn’t using. Of all my NYC hotel stays, the apartment experience has been my fave. I can close my eyes and pretend I actually live here.

The only downer of the trip is poor DeAngelo. Every other meal he ate, he got sick. I guess from jetlag. Oh, and we were locked out for a bit. And I realized I didn’t pack enough undies. Maya realized she packed too many. So I borrowed a pair of hers today. She is size 5 and I’m not. But hey – when you are in a pinch (pardon the pun), you do what you gotta do. I’m surprised I’m still breathing at this point!

Alright – TMI, I better go. Thank you to EVERYONE who came by my booth this weekend and bought my book and some art and those who just came to say hi. It meant so much. I was most excited to meet all the Latina crafters out there who said my book is just what they had been looking for. There is sucha strong movement of crafty mujers like Monstrochika out there who are using arts and crafts as a way to identify and celebrate thier culture. I love that. I wish this emerging scene was more recognized!

OK, I’m sleepy and I still have to organize. So long New York, I’ll miss you and the roasted nuts! I won’t miss the Stella McCartney store though 😉

Love & light,

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