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Pimped out tool chest


Actually this was Patrick’s grandpa’s tool chest from, like, 50 or 60 some years ago. I glued washers all over it to give it an artsy edge. I know – it adds zero function to the structure, but it sure looks pretty, don’t you think? To make this I used Liquid Fusion because it also works on metal, doesn’t stink and is very thick.

And yes. I asked Patrick before I touched the tool box. His Grandpa Greg (sign of the cross) was always so sweet to me and got a kick out of all the crafty things I used to make and show him. I think he is winking at me from heaven because he is impressed.

P.S. It says “Dad” because I made it for my Father’s Day crafting package. I also did this journal for the gambler dad.

I took a blank journal and covered it with fabric (I used a glue stick) and then I used large letter rubber stamps for the title.

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