Back from Cali

Back from Cali with goods news and bad. The good: Disneyland rocked, so did the new Pirates ride. The line was not bad at all. We got there at 8:30 am and only had to wait 20 minutes. By lunchtime, it was about 40 minutes. I think the 3-hour wait was a Disney urban legend. My favorite treat of the whole weekend was the Tower of Terror at California Adventure. I liked it even more than the jacuzzi at the Disneyland resort! I’ll be back there in February for the National Craft and Hobby Show (which is held at the convention center across the street from DL) and am already counting down the days.

Other good news: TV show stuff is going good. While riding in the backseat of the car on the way to Anaheim, I came up with the most brilliant show idea and could not wait to tell the production company. i was so excited, I literally banged out the pitch on my laptop in the car. Oh, I hope this really happens!!!

Even more good news: When I came home, there was a message from the DIY Network, inviting me to come back as a guest for the second season of Craft Lab (see earlier post!). I’m too tired to link tonight, sorry.

OK, so the bad news. Our car broke down. What an awful situation to return to after holiday. Grrr….Where is the magic carpet when you need it? However will I get to work tomorrow?

Well, I’m off to bed. There are so many exciting events coming up, I don’t know how I’m going to fall asleep! I’ve been booked for some really fun signings and workshops in New York and Los Angeles – and of course, Phoenix! And the Crafty Chica cruise in September. Art Unraveled next month, as well as a shrine class at Hotel Congress in Tucson. Four freelance crafty assignments. Next month a craft manufacturer is flying me out to their headquarters to discuss a *possible* line of Crafty Chica products. Can you imagine? Plus two new books I’m starting, sheesh! After thinking of all this, I need to take a Tylenol PM.

Oh darn, I just remembered the car is in the shop. Bummer. At least it is not crunched up on the side of the road somewhere, right?

The photo is of a new flower pot I made using Sculpey. Pretty wild, huh? Kinda reflects my brain and emotions tonight.

Love & light,

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