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This is what happens when you are a friend and co-worker with a crafty chica. One day you are walking to Starbucks together, giggling over celebrity gossip, and the next you are a model for the newspaper.

Such is the case with my friend Ashley. I love Ashley because on any given day I can go to her desk on the 7th floor, plop down a dozen t-shirts and say “Wanna reconstruct some clothing with me right now?” And she smiles and replies “Hand me the scissors.”

Last week for my cool crafts centerpiece, my editor thought we needed a spunky chica to model the crafts I made. I thought of Ashley, asked her and she agreed. I chose right! The art director said she shook it like a Polaroid, and she really worked the fan that they set right in front of her to make her hair all flowy and stuff. Ashely thought this was going to be my normal column – a tiny picture – but today she discovered that this picture took up 3/4th of the broadsheet in the Arizona Living section!

So I’m sending the love to Ashley, thank you for modeling like Tyra and giving my crafts some class!! BYW, doesn’t Ashley remind you a little bit of Alyson Hannigan?

If you want to read my Cool Crafts article, click here. There is a slideshow of photos and a sidebar with other crafty tips to help keep you cool. Or you can scroll down and read the different entries in this blog.

I also did a “Vice vs Vice” compare and contrast feature on the new Miami Vice movie. I know the ’80s TV series is a pop culture icon, but I never watched an episode. That’s when I was servng as tour manager for a Jamaican reggae band and I was traveling a lot and eating cous-cous and jerk chicken. I missed out on a bunch of ’80s shows like Vice and The Cosby Show. Anyway! My friend Randy is so angry with me because I left out Sheena Easton from my MV feature. I guess in the show she was married to Sonny Crockett in a few episodes and met a tragic death??? Randy HEARTS Sheena, and to this day when he goes to see her in concert, he is the guy in the front row who stands up and hands Sheena a bouquet of roses and she blows kisses to him. So, yeah. He was pretty upset that I left her out. I’m sorry!

Since we’re talking about flicks. I had been wanting to see Lady in the Water so bad! No one would go with me because the critics had been dissing it all summer. DeAngelo, my sweetie of a son, agreed to go with me and we both LOVED it! I think many critics are on crack (I don’t mean any one in particular, I mean as a whole). How could they not get it? It was scary, unpredictable, funny and had such a meaningful message about everyone having a purpose in life. Anyway, this is my shout out to Lady in the Water.

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