Crafty rehab: Don’t make me shiver

I need a drink. not a mocha. Not sparkling water or Gatorade. I’m talking mojitos, man. Read on to see why.

I was octopus craft lady today. I think I hold the record for completing the most craft projects in a 16-hour period. A Day of the Dead shrine (made all the flowers and chocolate skulls), step-by-step sugar skulls, eye masks, spa spitz water sprays (w/ bottles covered in 4 mm crystals), etched glassware, altered t-shirt with the fabric transfer of a Mexican ice cream box, a towel tote and colored ice cubes. All for work and/or freelance assignments. Half of these items I had to take pictures of, which meant I had to create a makeshift studio in the living room while the kids watched General Hospital. All this in one day’s work! I didn’t even mention four loads of laundry, the dishes and the two meals I kinda cooked. OK, one meal I cooked. I don’t think “Everyone make their own sandwich for lunch!” counts as cooking. Anyway, my feet are throbbing and I swear if I see my pinking shears within the next 24 hours I will shiver the same way I shiver when I hear silverware being rubbed together.

You know how I came to shiver from silverware being rubbed together? It started my freshman year in high school when I got my braces. I was with my parents and brother at Red Lobster and this really clumsy bus boy dropped a WHOLE BUCKET of silverware. My new braces were so sensitive that the sound of the spoons, forks and knives clanging had me clawing the walls in pain. For a week afterwards, my mouth tasted like I was sucking on a fork and I cried and cried. Imagine trying to eat a happy bowl of Cocoa Puffs before school, only to have the milk taste like metal. It was such a horrid memory. And now, every holiday my dad teases me and waits until I’m about to take my first bite of the holiday meal food and then he jumps out and sharpens the knives by my ear just to hear me scream and see me shiver.

Yah, I better stay away from those pinking shears for a while.

Oh, before I go, here is fun piece I did on the new film, My Super Ex-Girlfriend. The movie seems like it will suck really bad, but I thought it would be fun to revisit ex-girlfriends from other movies and match them up with new boyfriends. Click here to read it.

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