Today I got trapped in an elevator…

…an OUTdoor elevator that had no refrigeration!

Yesterday at work, these crazy emails circulated from employees about how their limbs got caught in our work’s parking garage elevator doors, and one guy’s tale of how he was trapped in there for 20 minutes. I giggled and deleted them. Stuff like that doesn’t happen to me, only to other people.

Um, wrong.

Today, on my way to Ch 12 for my segment, I hopped on the lift, reached my floor and each set of inner and outer doors only opened about an inch. I pushed all the buttons, nothing. My eyes locked on the little white button with the red outline of a fireman’s helmet…A vision popped in my head of me pushing it and a team of hunky firefighters came to my aid. In this vision, I was Rosario Dawson, and they were fanning my face to bring me back to health. The minutes ticked by, I was due at the station in five, so I had to cut the fantasy short. I yelled through the doors like an idiot: “HELP! Somebody??” Finally, I called the main switchboard on my cell and asked for help. Minutes later, the doors opened. Security had reset them for me.

I did make it on time to my segment, but my hair had a nice frizzy halo and my hands were shaking. It was 109 today. Cool by Arizona standards, but still very hot and traumatic. Patrick is working full-time this week at a teaching job, I couldn’t share my drama until tonight! Talk about a long day!!

On the bright side – I came up with the most excellent idea while waiting in the elevator for security to set me free: Rockstar Barstools! I won’t divulge the details until I make them, but I can say that silver glitter is involved. Look for the craft recipe here next week. BTW, starting this Saturday, my craft column moves from the Arizona Living section of the newspaper to the Home section. The readers of the Home section are very whimsical, yet sophisitcated do-it-yourselfers and I have to deliver the goods. No more “Oh my God, deadline is tomorrow, what should I make?” I’ve been sketching and note taking all week. I’m pretending I’m working on another book and outlining ideas like crazy. Another plus about the column’s new location – not only will the photos be in color, but they’ve also left room for step-by-step pictures!

Before I forget, I want to post some info:

1. I’m starting to gather ideas for holiday coverage in my craft column. I’m looking for new products, kits, fun artists to interview, your favorite craft tips, bargains, etc. My column runs in 50 papers all around the country every week, plus here, and on So if you have something to pitch, send me an email: kathyDOTmurilloATArizonaRepublicDOTcom. I’ll also be showing everything off on my tv segment.

2. There are some job openings at AzCentral. And if I refer someone and they get hired, I get finder’s fee. A very nice finder’s fee. So please take it under consideration 😉
Here is the listing for Calendar Producer.
Here is the listing for Calendar Specialist.

We are located at 2nd St and Van Buren in sunny downtown Phoenix. My sister works in the same department, so if you have questions, I can ask her. Basically it is a lot of data entry. Entering events, concerts and festivals into the computer for print and online listings. If you are a speedy typer, these are the jobs for you! Benefits, baby! Vacation pay y mas.

3. Check out this new web site Black Purl Magazine. It features ethnic-inspired stitches and stories!

“Black Purl Magazine is seeking submissions from writers & crafters of color on an ongoing basis. Black Purl Magazine is an online needlecraft magazine whose goal it is to incorporate our rich histories with our love of craft. We are particularly interested in writers’ connections with craft through family, travel, and history. Visit the web site to see how to submit stories and/or patterns.

Photo: AP/ Chris Polk

4. Speaking of Rosario Dawson, Here is my interview with her. It’s been a great month for phoners. Last week Amy Sedaris, now Rosario!

OK, I must go package 10 sets of ornaments, make one bracelet and pack them to be shipped before Project Runway starts. Have a nice night!

Author of Crafty Chica’s Art de la Soul: Glittery Ideas to Liven Up Your Life ($19.95, Rayo Books, an imprint of Harper Collins).

Love & light,

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