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Tonight we taped some interview sessions to finish up the trailer/pilot thingy for my TV show. I wore more make-up than I’ve ever worn before, and when I watched the playback, it appeared like I hardly had any on at all! In the next two weeks, the production company that is creating/shopping the show, meets with executives from various high profile cable networks. The show’s premise is so fun and original, I hope they bite! Part of me feels like it is really going to happen, kinda like when I scored my first book deal, or my job at the newspaper. Everything seems to be lining up just right. The other part of me is thinking, “Are you crazy? A national TV show? No way!”. But if there was ever a time to sell a Crafty Chica TV show, it’s now. Crafty stuff is everywhere. Artsy folks are rising up and staking their claim. Did you know according to the Craft and Hobby Assocation studies, one out of ever four people craft in some way?

I’ll keep you all posted on what happens, as it happens! In the meantime, check out Fast, Inc., this is one of the shows this production company I’m working with has on the air! Very cool! It airs on MTV on Mondays nights and is about a company that finds cars for celebrites, photo shoots, movies, etc…
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