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Why it’s hard being married to an artist


…because he does adorable paintings like this and he won’t let me buy them! Patrick did this one today and I wish I could keep it and hang it in my room. But my guy is in high production mode to fill orders and such, so this one is for the peeps. At least I can cherish it for a little bit before it gets sold to a customer outside of our house.

This afternoon we laid on the bed with our three chihuahuas and my sister’s beagle, Lola, and stared out the bay window in my bedroom. We have a very Tarzan-friendly backyard with lots of trees and life. There were birds, lizards, hummingbirds and flying bugs all partying in our yard. We must be watching too much Meerkat Manor these days because we started talking as the birds and making up conversations for them involving lunch dates, drinking espresso and dating. This went on for an hour and we couldn’t stop giggling. Yup. It’s time for the kids to go back to school.

Tomorrow they start, and they couldn’t be more ready (see above). Both their rooms are clean, they have their clothes laid out and are actually excited about going to bed early. This is the cool thing about having two teens. I remember when they were little and the night before the first day of school was ultimate mayhem. It’s still kinda like that, but in different areas. Maya has put me on red alert status because she decided she desperately needs a thicker binder. So after dinner, it’s off to the store again. This will be our third trip for school supplies! As for me at the moment, I’ve had a sore throat and I’m gargling like crazy because I have a busy week.

OK, off to make some kind of a chicken dinner for la familia…
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