DeAngelo, the new pianist!


DeAngelo, our 16-year-old, has always stated that he would never “do writing, art or music”. Well, a lot has changed this past summer. After deciding maybe professional wrestling wasn’t for him (thank God!), he picked up a pen and started drawing a comic book. Not just drawing it, but also writing the story for it.

That was medium on the eyebrow raising meter. The real shocker came the other day. Maya, our 13-year-old, is a hardcore musician. Her friend plays the electric guitar, Maya is on keys and she wants to ask another friend of hers to take on bass. Now Maya is into writing songs and working on singing. She practices in her bedroom and Deangelo’s room is next door. When he hears her, sometimes, he’ll bust in there and tease her, like big brothers are known to do. Plus, she often busts in his room to tease him, like so many little sisters do.

So imagine my SHOCK to find DeAngelo, not only in Maya’s room, but also taking a music lesson from her!! I walked in to find her pointing a spray bottle of vanilla perfume at him and shouting out the right keys for him to play. Every time he hit a wrong note, she squirted him with the perfume. He called her an unflattering name and kept trying over and over until he got it. It was like Gridiron Gang with Hello Kitty in the background as a witness. Maya was the Rock, and DeAngelo was the team who didn’t think success was possible. He ended up learning a whole song!

Kodak moment, don’t you think? I dashed across the house to snatch my camera and was able to sneak in this shot. I hope he doesn’t mind that I’ve posted a picture of him in a girl’s bedroom…

On another topic, I want to say thanks to Gina Arzaga from Cali. She made me this cool digital artist trading card (below!!). Check out her blog, she is very talented!!

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