Jewelry Making Show: Baby Bracelets

This morning my episode aired on DIY Jewelry Making with host Jackie Guerra. I taped i t in Burbank, CA two years ago and it finally aired – yay!
Safety Note: Keep the beads small and their quality high to prevent chipping or breaking. Pay close attention to the directions, making sure you tightly crimp off the wire and use a sturdy lobster claw clasp so it will not come apart. Test this by pulling it to make sure its secure. Make sure to measure your baby’s wrist for correct sizing, and don’t make it too tight or too loose. Also, don’t attach any charms. Never leave a baby unattended while wearing the bracelet.

Here are the recipes for the projects.

Double Strand Baby Bracelet


1 roll of soft flex .014 gauge wire
2 small 1mm crimp tubes
140 small 1mm pink glass seed beads
6 medium 2mm pearl beads
2 4mm jump rings
1 lobster clasp
needle nose pliers

1. Cut two 8 inch strands of soft flex .014 gauge beading wire.

2. Take one strand, and then slide on a crimp tube one inch down.

Figure A

3. With the needle nose pliers, grasp the one inch end of the wire, and then fold it over to create a small loop. Feed the end through the crimp tube so there is a short tail sticking out the other side (figure A).

4. Crimp using needle nose pliers. Repeat for the second strand.

5. Open a jump ring, and then slide on the two strands through the loops just created.

6. Slide on 10 small pink glass beads onto one strand, and then do the same for the other strands. Make sure the beads slide over the wire tail.

7. Slide on one medium pearl bead through both strands. Pull it so the beads are packed tight. Repeat this process six more times.

8. Close off each end by adding the crimp tubes, snipping the excess wire to one inch, and then feeding the ends through the tubes and through the holes of the beads on the strand. Crimp into place.

9. Attach the other jump ring, followed by the lobster clasp.

Classy Crystal Chain Bracelet


high quality chain without breaks in the links
10-12 small 1mm glass light pink seed beads
4-5 2mm Swarovski hot pink crystal beads
2 high quality 4 mm jump rings
1 lobster claw clasp
wire nippers
needle nose pliers

1. Start at the end of the chain, and then count out four links. On the fourth link, use wire nippers to snip it off so the chain will be in two pieces.

2. Using needle nose pliers, carefully bend open the eyehole on the eye pin, and then hook it on the chain that has three links. Close it shut tightly with the pliers so the chain can’t come off.

3. Now you will have the wire from the eye pin sticking out. Slide on one of the light pink glass beads, followed by a hot pink crystal bead, and then one more light pink bead.

4. Snip the wire down so there is a 3/4 inch tail.

5. Pick up the longer piece of chain, and then attach the wire through the end link with the needle nose pliers. Bend it tight so the chain will not come loose. Repeat this process five more times, or until you have reached the desired length.

6. Use needle nose pliers to attach a jump ring to each end of the bracelet, and then add a lobster claw clasp to one end.


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