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DIY Bleach Pen Skull Banners

Here is project from my book (Crafty Chica’s Art de la Soul: Glittery Ideas to Liven Up Your Life )! Enjoy!

Bandera de Calaca

The purpose of hanging splashy banners for a muertos celebration is to show that the festivities are a celebration – not a mourn-a-bration. It’s believed that the souls of the dead are hurt if they return and are greeted by weeping relatives. Traditional altars use Papel picado to signify the party, but you can be innovative by using this sassy substitute.

1 red cloth napkin with a patterned border
1 Tulip Color Block
1 package of Creative Iron fusible fabric borders (or any other kind!)
1 piece of balsa wood
8 grommets and tool
hot glue
small drill

Directions: Lay the napkin on apiece of cardboard. Shake the bleach pen and use the fine point side to draw on the skull design. Set aside for 30 minutes (until you can see that design has soaked thru to the other side). Rinse in warm water to remove bleach. Let dry. Iron on the fusible fabric borders. Paint the balsa wood, drill three holes at the bottom, and two at the top. Make three holes at the top of the napkin and connect to the balsa wood with ribbon. Add a strand through the two holes at the top to hang. Hot glue the fringe along the bottom of the banner.

You can go bleach pen crazy by making a whole bunch of these and tieing them together, or decorate napkins, seat covers, pillows, etc. Make sure the fabric you are using does not have ScotchGuard, otherwise the bleach pen won’t work on it.

Three faces of Crafty Chica

Ofrenda for Steve Irwin


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