Meet Dave Lowe

When I was in Burbank earlier this month taping episodes for Craft Lab, I met Dave Lowe, artist-on-call.

“My job is to make everyone else look good,” he said.

What he does is come up with ultra clever ideas for the show host to make. They have to be projects that have never been done before and Dave delivers. He also has to trouble shoot any crafty crisis moments. We did an episode on Lucha masks and we were two short. He left the studio in search of geeen and gold lame masks. A while later he came in, wiping the sweat from his forehead.

“Wow, where ever did you find them?” I asked.

“Some place so seedy, I’d never even take my girlfriend there.” he replied.

For the next show I was on, he made the coolest glitter shadow box and taught us all how to do it. In addition to the do-it-yourself shows, he also does illustration, props for movies and Tv shows and so forth. What a cool life hemust have! anyway, I saw this Fame clip that he, um, embellished and I had to share it! Way to go, Dave!

OK, now go visit his site!

P.S. In case any customers are reading this, I just got done packing up all orders placed through yesterday and they are going out in the mail tomorrow 😉
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  1. Dave Lowe is a slop artist. He hangs on the coat tails of others. If I had a doller for everytime he let me down…oh wait…I’m writing this…
    THANK YOU for the “shout out”.

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