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Last month I led the first ever “Crafty Chica Creativity Cruise”. We sailed on Carnival Cruise Line’s Paradise Fun Ship from Long Beach, CA to Ensenada, Mexico. I had never been on a cruise before and had no idea what to expect. I was nervous, wondering if I would get seasick. I didn’t, but I did catch a bad cold Thursday night. I loaded up on hand sanitizer and Puffs with Lotion to make it through the weekend 🙂

OK, before we get into the pictures, can I just say that cruises totally ROCK??? And YES, we are doing another one next year.

Everything (except alcohol and mochas) are included in your package price. And there are buffets happening all over the ship 24/7. Not that I needed that, but I’m just sayin’…And every night you get a super nice sit down dinner and can choose from four menus. Or you can stay in and order room service. As for us, it may as well have been France because there was wine everywhere. The cruise line gave use bottles in our room each night, and the travel agent gave each of our tables six bottles each night. Everyone went home with wine! Aside from eating and getting sloshed, there is a casino, nightclubs, a coffee bar and other events happening all over the ship like Bingo, chocolate tastings, reggae bands, contests, etc.

We had the main conference room for crafting Friday and SAturday night, and all day Sunday. There were 20 of us and everyone came and went as they pleased. Some people in our group crafted until 3 am! We made picture jewelry, a Dia de los Muertos shrine box, glittered greeting cards, artist trading cards and another project that I can’t remember right now. On the last night we had a FREE happy hour in a bar all to ourselves. We had one hour to consume as much alcohol as we could. And we did our best to make it worthy!

What I loved about our group is that there were people from every age group and we had all kinds of ethnic backgrounds too. We bonded so much with our students and both Patrick and I agree it was one of our favorite travel memories of all time. Thank you to the 18 lovely, talented and creative people who signed up for our class. Special thanks to Nancy and Leticia, my homegirls/comadres who not only came along, but brought familia too!!

OK, so on with the photos! I wasn’t able to post all of them because some came out too blurry.

Every day the steward from the ship makes a little animal from a towel (towelagami!), and leaves it on your bed with chocolate mints. Muy cute!!

This is an interior shot of the ship. It reminds me of the new Poseidon Adventure movie. Luckily, a massive tidal wave did not hit us 😉

Our two youngest participants during the happy hour. Yay for non-alcoholic cocktails!

My friend Nancy with her mom and aunt. I bet you know Nancy from! I heart Nancy so much, she’shelped me with my crafty career over the years so I felt super duper bad when the rocky waves made her seasick.

This is Teresa with her shrine.

Leticia and her daughter Pilar. Leticia is also a dear friend of mine. She used to sing in a punk en espanol band and I did a story on her for the newspaper and we stayed in touch. Now she is one of the Phoenix Fridas with me!

This was during our happy hour party.

Nancy’s aunt with her box. She does all kinds of artwork at home in Cali!

Our dear friend Alisa!

More partying!

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