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Plaster of Paris Sugar Skulls

I love finding multiple uses for products. When I first discovered Mexican sugar skull molds, I became addicted to making sugar skulls for everyone. Next, I filled them with white melting chocolate and used cake icing to decorate them. Now, I’ve moved onto plaster of Paris. Of course, the skulls are not edible, but they look just as yummy on projects such as this wall display and will last forever.

You can use any candy molds and achieve the same effect. However, once you use the molds for this project, you can’t use them again for food.

Skull molds in Phoenix can be found at www.mexicansugarskull.com.


Dia de los Muertos Wall Ornaments
Paper mask, plastic gloves
1 bucket of plaster of Paris, sold in 4-pound containers
Mixing bowl and spoon (not to be used for food consumption after use)
1 set of plastic skull molds
Acrylic paints, brush
Wood plaque
Hot glue


Wearing the mask and the gloves, mix the plaster of Paris in the bowl according to package directions. Spoon the mixture into the molds. After the molds are filled, tap the tray on the counter so the mixture settles in all the grooves. Let sit for 40 minutes, then flip over mold tray and skulls will pop out. Paint the skulls and the wood plaque as desired. Let dry. Use the hot glue to affix the skulls to the plaque. Attach sawtooth picture hanger.


You also can use the ornaments for paperweights or other kinds of decorations.

White Chocolate Sugar Skulls

A day in Ensenada


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