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Glittered Christmas Vase

December is the season of all things sparkly, so glitter is a must-have when it comes to crafting. Pair it with high-quality double-sided tape such as Terrifically Tacky Tape and you have instant access to embellishing cards, ornaments, boxes and other items with a smooth surface. After I finished these vases I thought of how cute the technique would look on colored wine or vintage soda bottles.

After you’ve finished and dusted the shiny granules off your work area (and body), use the vases and/or bottles as party centerpieces, candy dishes or lined up along a walkway. Don’t forget to snip fresh poinsettias to put inside.

Glitter vases
Glass vases or bottles, any color
Terrifically Tacky Tape, various widths, sheets or shapes
Loose glitter, medium flakes
Loose glitter in gold or silver, extra-fine flakes
Dimensional squeeze paint, assorted colors

Directions: Clean and dry the vase. Apply the tape in the desired areas until the jar is completely covered. Remove the backing to the tape only on the areas where you will be applying the same color. For example, if you are doing red and green stripes, first remove the backing for all the places where you will have red. Pour the medium-flake glitter over the exposed area of the tape and tap away excess. Repeat until the tape is completely covered. Remove the remaining backings for the other colors and repeat the process. To add extra shimmer, pour the extra-fine gold or silver glitter over the colored glitter. Outline and/or accent with squeeze paint.

Tips and variations: The tape also comes in sheets so you can cut out custom designs. Instead of glitter you can apply microbeads, colored yarn or any other lightweight item.

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