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Sassy Snow Bowls

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(Photo: Jill Richards, The Arizona Republic, copyright 2006)

Sassy Snow Bowls

Forget the main course; snacks are where it’s at. But you can’t put them in just any old dish. Here is a super-frosty method to make serving bowls that look just like giant snowballs.


Glass or plastic bowls in graduated sizes
Plastic wrap
Celluclay instant papier-mâché
White paint
Brush-on glitter varnish
Water-based (non-toxic) brush-on clear varnish

Directions: Cover the outside of the bowls with plastic wrap and place upside down. Mix Celluclay according to package directions and cover the outside of the bowls. Use your hands to make a splotchy effect so it looks like snow. Let dry and add a second layer so you will have a thick, sturdy bowl. Let dry for 24 hours, remove bowl and peel off the plastic. If the inside looks moist at all, let it dry out. Paint the bowls white and let dry. Add two coats of glitter varnish, letting dry between each one. Finish with a coat of the non-glitter varnish. Let the bowls air dry for 48 hours before using for dry snacks such as pretzels, hard candies, popcorn, etc. After use, wipe with a damp cloth.

Tips: For more dazzle, right after you paint the outside of the bowls, sprinkle white translucent glitter on. Tap off excess. Seal with spray varnish.

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