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Superhero Ornament Set

(Photo: Jill Richards, The Arizona Republic, copyright 2006)

Superheroes are flying high these days, so why not spread around some of that positive energy? Visit your local post office and pick up a set of DC Comics Super Heroes stamps and use them to make a set of ornaments that pack a punch. If you aren’t into the whole cape and mask shtick, use other stamp sets such as baseball, Disney or movie stars (shop.usps.com). You also can create a personalized look by shrinking family photos.

1 box of large colored glass ornaments
Assorted commemorative postage stamps
White craft glue
Microfine glitter
Craft brush
Piece of paper
Acrylic paint

Directions: Affix the stamp to the center of the bulb. Use the glue to make it stick better. Remove any excess glue. Paint a light coat of white craft glue around the edges of the stamp. Working over a piece of paper to catch the overflow, pour the glitter over the wet glue, tap off the excess and let dry. Add dots or other designs of acrylic paint around the stamp as desired.

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