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This is what happens when you are a binge crafter and have to purge your sewing shelf to make room for new fabrics and trims. Instead of throwing or giving anything away, you make purses! I had so much fun making these bags that I’ve decided just to make more room in my studio rather than get rid of anything. Look at the treats-o-trim I found while sorting things out!

For these bags, I dyed the fabrics myself (Yay for Tulip’s one-Step Fashion Dyes!!) and then cut them up and did fabric collages on each little block of material. Four handmade purses in one day, I think that is a record!

Also, you should know that if these look a little “raw” it’s because I’ve never taken a sewing class. I don’t use patterns or even measure. I use a Singer machine I bought for $89 at Target. I bet if I did take a class, measure, and upgrade my machine, these frisky bags would look a lot more uniform and polished, but oh well. You have to strike when the spirit hits you.

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