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Last week for First Fridays, my sister and I went with my friend Robrt to Travis Smith’s Kitschmaslandbook signing.

The book is a collector’s heaven, especially if you are into cheesy (but very cute) Christmas decorations from the ’60s and ’70s. It was held at a swanky art space/ furniture gallery, Metro Retro. Also along the strip was a new place, Urban Cookies! The Latin Rebels played, which was a nice surprise because they are friends of mine and Patrick’s.

Before we headed out to First Fridays, Robrt made us cookies and egg nog with bourbon. I’ve had egg nog and I’ve had bourbon, but never the two together. Sheltered, I know! I was so mesmerized that the next day I went out and bought some. When Patrick had band practice on Sunday, I made the guys egg nog with bourbon, and they liked it too. There is something about sprinkling nutmeg on top of a drink, or rather, having someone do it for you. It makes you feel so welcome and cozy. Maybe I’ll have to start carrying around a little ice chest and a flask (yes, like Kitty from Gunsmoke)…I like spreading that feeling.

The next day we had an art shows. Here is some work by The Phoenix Fridas, the crafty collective I belong to! I’m so proud of all of them. I was bummed because I’ve been so busy filling orders I didn’t have any time to make new merchandise, but I hung out and gabbed the afternoon away anyway.

Art by Emily Costello.

Carmen de Novais made the beaded jewelry on this painting her husband made. It amazes me how many Latino crafters there are these days. It hink back to the early ’90s when Patrick and I started our line and there was only a handful of crafty artists, and most lived in other cities. Now there is so much to choose from and even though we all share similar themes, everyone’s work is vast!! A few of us Fridas tossed around the idea of leasing a small gallery space, I hope we can swing that next year!

Lucia’s table, and Keri’s tricked out skeletons!
Keri used to work at Zia Records for years and found a way to make use of old scratched vinyl. Instead of ditching the discs, she makes these crazy, glitzy lapel pins – and of course they sold like hotcakes at IHOP.

The highlight of my entire weekend, even more so than the bourbon and eggnog was chatting with Stella Pope Duarte, who came by my booth on Sunday. She is an amazing, award-winning novelist and lives here in Phoenix, as is also on the same Harper Collins imprint as me (Rayo). I get goosebumps just thinking about her. She just signed contracts for her next book, The Women of Juarez. I can hardly wait for it to come out!

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