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I’m sitting here passing time until my phone interviews come in (Charlotte’s Web!) and decided to peek at my November site stats. It’s now over 1.5 million in one month!! That’s a lot of crafty people. Thank you for taking time to come here and see what’s cooking. I promise to post more projects and podcasts and goofy filler stuff if you don’t mind! Before I go on to my other posts, I have to share some recent shout outs.

TV SHOW: Have you seen the new show on the DIY Network called Scrap? It’s hosted by this guy, Scott Petti who reminds me of The Fonz (he even combs his hair on air like The Fonz!). He used to be a prop guru for Disney and now he is here to serve us with cool memory keeping ideas.

CRAZY GIFT: Want to send a bit opf the sparkly stuff to a loved one, friend or foe? Check out Glitter The recipient will either love it or curse you forever.

GIVE A BLANKET: Blankets of Graditude is still in need of handmade blankets for their drive. Deadline is next week. About Blankets of Gratitude

Blankets of gratitude is a special project designed to deliver a little bit of love and support to the very special residents of the Arizona State Veteran Home. We are asking any interested sewers, crochet artists or quilters to make a blanket for one of Arizona’s veterans. The blankets should be small in size (throw blanket size, ideal for wheelchair users) and should feature a patch or logo for one of 4 branches of military (Army, Marines, Air Force, or Navy).

We need 200 blankets total, so that each resident receives a blanket with their service logo. Aside from the patch or logo, your limit is your creativity! If you can donate more than one blanket, please do! Each blanket will be delivered to a veteran of the service indicated on the blanket.

LATINO ORNAMENTS!: Checkout Casa Q for some cool chica-themed ornaments! I love this little bullfighter dude.

And special thanks to all the great blogs and sites like Artes es Vida that have mentioned my web site lately, I appreciate it soooo much!!! I’ll return the favor soon!

Oops, phone is ringing, gotta go!
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