Rough week.

Last week at this time, I was jumping for joy at the thought of another fun, exciting year ahead of me.
Today I need a shot of Hornitos to erase the Nascar ride of emotions I went through in the past few days. Granted, there was no severe tragedy or anything like that, so in the long run, it’s all bueno.

OK, let me start with Tuesday of last week. Awesome. Woke up at 6:30 a.m. to hear my NPR segment. Thank you James Garcia! All weekend I rushed to get my site revamped for the (hopefully) onslaught of new visitors. Later in the day, my epsiode of Craft Lab aired on HGTV. Thank you HGTV!!

That night before I rested my head on my fluffy feather pillow, I dabbed my eyes from the tears of joy of how 2007 started off with such a positive bang.

And then the other shoe drops. OK, back up again. My two-week holiday vacation was anything but. I have one manuscript and two proposals to turn into my agent this Monday, plus art orders, workshop samples, more completed samples for a huge bridal show that is this weekend. And a surprise craft column that I didn’t know I had to do. Anyway, it all caught up with me when, in a crafty panic, I had a lapse of good judgment due to miscommunication at my day job – and I unintentionally hurt a very dear friend’s of mines feelings in my manic attempt to keep my head above water. Poor thing had been simmering on it for days while I cluelessly sang and shimmied around my craft room. My heart sank when I realized the mess I made, and it sucked all my energy out for the next two days, I’m talking major tear flow and beating myself up for this. All is better than well now and cleared up, thank God. I am blessed to have such a kind, and forgiving friend! Thank you Margot!

Just when I began to feel sunny again, Friday happens. Yes, lovely Friday.

Here’s what went down: At work we are all moving to a different desk. We were instructed to “box our items and have the movers move them on Saturday”. But the desk I’m moving to is right across the way from me and every time I’m at work it is empty. I assumed no one sat there. Busy body, always well-intentioned me decides to save time for the movers. So for the past week, every day I went by the desk and cleaned it up – got rid of old newspaper clippings, put the orphan coffee mug in the work kitchen cabinet, put the stapler and tape dispenser on the “free” shelf for other employees to take. I then set up my Plaster-of-Paris chihuahua shrine in the corner.

Yesterday morning, I removed a small cookie sheet sized tray from my current desk and was walking, practically skipping, to my new (next week new) desk and lo and friggin’ behold – there was a man sitting there!

My jaw drops because he GLARED at me like the devil who had lost his pitchfork. IT WAS HIS DESK ALL ALONG and I was just busted red handed. He works the night shift, duh! I took for granted that since there were no decorations, I assumed no one sat there. Realizing once AGAIN for days I have totally ruined someone’s otherwise happy week with my airheadedness.

My hands began to shake because I felt his anger shoot through my body. I spun around, spilling some stuff out of the tray, and hot tailed back to my desk. I packed up my stuff and left! I’ve never met him in person and don’t know what to do. I so suck!!! I feel like Goldilocks on crack. To make matters worse, I accidentally printed Jennifer Connelly’s age as 45 (she is 36) in yesterday’s paper for her new movie and got written up on the correction spreadsheet for my stupid mistake.

Can you imagine going into work and having your personal items disappear – and then coming in the next day to see a Plaster of Paris Chihuaha shrine? Come Tuesday I will be bestowing fits of office supplies upon my helpless victim.

Now, today. Saturday. The BIG bridal show. I was invited to do a 20-minute demo on bridal crafts following a fashion show. Maybe it is my low expectations of myself, but when I got there I expected a stage the size of a stick of gum. Like off to the side of the real action.

Um, no.

The stage I was to demo on was big enough for a Rolling Stones Super Bowl half-time performance. Apprantly, I wasn’t the only one who was surprised. The people running the stage didn’t seem to believe me when I told them I was the next presenter. Two different people sent me to the exhibitor check-in booth, and those people sent me back to the stage manager people.

Finally, I found a pleasant man with a clipboard who knew about my gig and sent me back to the stage. They didn’t have a table for me, so I waited until they brought me one, and then I set up. Weird vibe though. Total Ugly Betty moment. I’m standing there, a plus-sized crafty mamacita holding my glue, while stick-thin 20-something Miss America lookalikes primp and pose in these expensive designer wedding gowns just before they are to hit the runway. I can see I totally do not fit in here and am wondering how my 13-year-old daughter and I are going to hoist a heavy 6 foot craft table up to the stage, which is high enough to touch my nose.

Just as the show host is ready to walk up the stairs to the stage for the closing announcements, I hand him a piece of paper with my name and afflilation so the crowd of 500 will know what is coming up next. I then step back and chew my nails out of anxiety because of my wafer-thin confidence. “It’s because I’m chubby,” I think. I always think that when I feel out of place.

I heard him shout – “Coming up next – Kathy Cano Murillo of The Arizona Republic!”

The crowd ROARS! Woo-hoo! They cheer like I’m a rock star and goose bumps shoot up my spine. “Ha! Take that all you pretty wedding people! They like me, they really like me!” Even my daughter smiles at me as to say, “Right on, Moms – you bad!”

Beaming, I peek through the curtain to see the crowd, only to discover that what they were hollering for – was a bouqet of flowers thrown out by one of the hottie male models.

No mad props for me. The nice show host jogs back down the stairs and senses my pain and helps me lift the table up on the very end of the runway catwalk, but by then all the crowd has dispersed. A few people come by to see my table that is too high for them to actually look at any of the projects. The first person, I don’t even give her a chance to leave – I go through my whole demo and then find out she does not understand English.

The next two people were nice and listened, the last one wanted to know if any of my samples were free for the taking. Next thing I know, the next act begins – a pretty blond wedding singer. My time is up. Maya and I clear the table and go for breakfast.

I’m so glad this week is over. But I can’t leave this post without posting the positive. No matter how dark things may seem, there is always positive. I have an awesome family. My friend Margot is happy again. I got to interview Hilary Swank about a really inspiring movie that I loved, Freedom Writers. Tonight I will finish my novel manuscript in time to have it in my agent’s in box by the time she comes into work Monday! In the other room, Patrick is playing his keyboards and singing these lyrics:

Live and love
If you really love to live
You will always give
And never, ever want

Author of Crafty Chica’s Art de la Soul: Glittery Ideas to Liven Up Your Life ($19.95, Rayo Books, an imprint of Harper Collins).

Love & light,

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