Crafty Cinema: Frida Pillowcase cc

We had sooooo much FUN on Uncommon Threads last week.

When I say “we”, I mean my craft group, The Phoenix Fridas. One of the projects was inspired by the movie, Frida. Well, no. Scratch that. It was inspired by FRIDA, herself. She used to make the ornate cross-stitch pillows for her bed, and in the film, director Julie Taymor made sure to include them in the set design.

I loooove to make craft projects inspired by movies. I even tried to sell the idea as a book to publishers last year but the “crafts + movies” concept didn’t fly. So it must just be something only I’m into. Oh well. At least the DIY Network liked the idea and let me share this project. And I do plan to share Crafty Cinema here with all the projects from my proposal 😉

I’m not a swift cross-stitcher, but I can embroider. For directions, click here.

While you are there, check out the projects my friend Carmen made!! Just go to…
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