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Love Note Candy Pouches

A person can never say, “I love you,” too much. In fact, I think we should come up with different romantic phrases, and deliver the message in any and all creative ways possible.

Skywriting, the JumboTron and singing telegrams are sweet, but kind of cliche. Think small and secretive.

Make a list of your favorite “love” phrases, quotes or fortunes, type them up and print them out on paper. Cut them to the size of small slips (fortune-cookie size).

If you don’t want to go the predictable “Roses are red, violets are blue” route, use specific memories. Pick all the best moments from your relationship and summarize each one in a sentence or two.

Insert them into these cute little pouches made from heart-shaped doilies. Fill them with small Valentine-themed candy and then hide the pouches randomly around the house where your object of affection will find them.

If you want to make a game out of it, put a love-themed clue or riddle inside each one and make the person give you the correct answer so they can receive their prize!

I used paper doilies for this project, but you can use anything: fabric, card stock, scrapbook paper, vellum paper, even lightweight wire mesh.

If you are using solid color paper or doilies, make the most of the white space by embellishing with stickers, fibers, rubber stamps and embossing powder.

Doilies and paints can be found at the craft store. Romantic images seen in my sample project are from www.ArtChixStudio.com.

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