Men Who Knit: Ryan Gosling!

(Photo credit: USA Today)

I’ll admit it right here. I LOVE The Notebook. I watch it at least once a month and go through half a box of tissues each time. Ryan Gosling is the ultimate strong and silent type, know what I mean? So now we have another reason to admire him even more. This is an except from USA Today interview:

Q: You’ve played a crackhead and a Jewish neo-Nazi. What are you up to next?
A: I’m going to do this film that I wrote and that I’m going to direct in Africa, called The Lord’s Resistance, about the Lord’s Resistance army of child soldiers in Uganda.

Q: Wow, intense. How do you relax?
A: I knit. Yeah. I really do. I knit scarves. I bake.

You what is so sad? I could swear I’ve interviewed him before for my Hollywood Q&A column, but I can’t remember! I’ll have to search the Save archives at work tomorrow. Here is the link to the USA Today article.
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