This week’s shout outs

OK, so here are some new cyber scores I found this week. Hope you like them too!

1. Fieltromaina blog.
This is a spanish-language web site deciated to all things made with FELT!! And I’m talking super swell goodies like books, buttons, pins, all kinds of chic cosas. And it’s A-OK if you don’t speak Spanish because they also have some stuff in English. LINK

2. We Love Crafts Magazine.
This is like the sister site to the above-mentioned blog. It is also Spanish-friendly. What I love most about this concept is that it is geared at the hip Latina artist/crafter. It features artistas from all over the world, and thier fabulous work too. Plus, it’s a great way to brush up on your Spanish. At least for me it is. Major props to these chicas for their hard work. Go send them some love! LINK

3. Crafty Gear
Have you heard of this store yet? It has all kinds of tricked out shirts for hardcore crafty junkies like me. LINK

4. Latin Art Forum
This a nice online community for Latino artists. I haven’t had time to join, but I plan to very soon. LINK

5. Patterns From the Past
Do you ever feel like you should be wearing a specific dress from 1955, but don’t have the means to find it? Here is a way to make it yourself, dah-lings! This web site has all kinds of vintage patterns from yesteryear that are just waiting to be put to good use. They even have plus-size flapper dress patterns! LINK

6. Ugly Betty “Design a Dress” contest winner
Did any of you see the Ugly Betty episode last week where the contest winner’s design was used? My adorable crafty amiga, Alyson of Duncan Crafts’ Fashion Girl Blog, put the link up! The champion was Ricardo Rodriguez (above photo). And here is where you can see other entries. LINK

Before I close out this post, I can’t mention Duncan without sharing my new ad!! This is like winning the multi-million dollar lottery (in crafty terms). Duncan asked me to endorse Aleene’s Tacky Glue for somem agazine ads, and for the CHA show. That’s like Starbucks asking me to endorse their mochas!! I was like…”um, YES!!” The first ad runs in Get Creative Magazine (new issue!) and here is a sneak peek of it. I’ve never modeled for an ad before, this is new territory for me.

And of course, all the projects you see on my site are/were/will (be) made with Aleene’s glues. And that was before I signed on with them! Remember I told you about the Craft & Hobby show last month? Well Duncan has put together a video of their booth and all their new products! LINK Check it out by clicking where it says “take a tour”. While you’re at it, stop by Alyson’s blog and say hi!

7. Reggaeton scrapbook papers, embellishments & stamps!
Ay, mamita! Can you imagine? Latin Oh! is a muy trendy scrapbook manufacturer that has a new line called “Ritm- Oh!”.

8. Sugar skull chipboard cut outs
I just got an email today from scrapbook designer Susan Rodriguez about her new line of chipboard treasures. This is just one of them, visit the link to see the others! Awesome, Susan! LINK

So there are my shout outs!

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Love & light,

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