Roller skates and skateboards

Today Patrick told me that living with me is like being on roller skates one day, and a skateboard the next. Last week I was at the bottom of the super frumpy frump dumpster and this week, I can’t stop kissing him, the kids and the dogs! i evenkissed my sister’s foot recently (don’t ask).

I’ve been so upbeat and excited about EVERYTHING that I can’t even sleep at night. For the past three nights, I’ve have to take a Tylenol PM just to get some zzzz’s. Patrick is giving one more night and then he is hiding the bottle. He says he can tell when I’m in hyper happy mode when I’m wearing my girdle, eyeliner and when my desk is organized and the bedspread is wrinkle-free. He always tells the kids, “When Mommy is happy, everyone is happy!”

Let’s see, what else is up? Oh – I’m heavy into American Idol zone these days. I’ve been blogging about it HERE for my day job. Please go there and leave some comments!! Writing about the show makes me work a different side of my brain. I’m not good at being nit picky and critical, I always see the brighter side of everything. That doesn’t make for a good critic. For this column, I have to watch the show, dissect all the contestants performances and then write about it. All I can say, is once you get started being snarky – it’s easy to keep going! I practically have to make inspirational greeting cards for the homeless, using rubber stamps that say “dream” or “believe”, just to balance out my karma.

I have a few things to wrap up this week and then, hold on to your pinking shears – I have a GOB of cool ideas and news to share here! For now, we have a stack of orders to mail out, plus it is our 17th wedding anniversary on Friday, and our daughter’s 14th birthday on Sunday. Between right now and Sunday, I have to make it through three work days, THREE parties (two of which I have to organize), plus one art festival. As soon as those minor details are out of the way, I’ll be free to clock in some hours online.

Coming up soon – I recently interviewed Angel Aviles – “La Sad Girl” – from the film, Mi Vida Loca. She is now an indie filmmaker AND she is super crafty! I’m going to post that podcast interview next week. In the meantime, go check out the DVD of the film.

Thank you to the 500 people who tuned into my MySpace teleseminar last week, it went really well! And thanks to Nancy Marmolejo for setting it up!

If you live in the Phoenix area, tomorrow I’ll be on KPNX, channel 12, showing how to make the Yarn Mosiac Lampshade with Fabric Fusion adhesive and Hysterical Yarn!!

Wow, that was a lot of info. I think I see what Patrick means about the skateboards and roller skates kind of life. At least it is better to be moving that stuck in one place all the time, right?

OK, go be crafty!!

Author of Crafty Chica’s Art de la Soul: Glittery Ideas to Liven Up Your Life ($19.95, Rayo Books, an imprint of Harper Collins).

Love & light,

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