A high definition kind of week

Tomorrow is Friday and I can’t believe how fast this week has flown by! I should have worn a scarf because my hair is a tangled mess right now!

So you saw the post (right below this one) about the wedding last Saturday. You should check out the comments on MySpace (I double post this blog there). Some of them are flat out hysterical. i love the shower cap one from Yoli.

Monday came and as I’ve mentioned before, I’m working on a new exciting venture with Duncan Enterprises. Just a few more days and then I can spill the glitter about what that is all about. For now, I want to send a BIG thank you bouquet to Valerie, Alyson, Lauren and all the rest of the team. Last week during my visit, they made me feel like a la rock star artista and sent me home with jars of glitter and all kinds of other goodies. Most of my time this week has been devoted to my new exciting gig – brainstorming, kinda like what I did in my newspaper reporter job, but this time it’s for crafting. You’ll see!!!

I had three other “is this really happeening to me?” milestones this week as well. Monday morning my agent called to tell me that Random House/Potter Craft has signed me on for my next book! This is amazing news because Potter Craft is known for releasing stellar titles and they are very selective about choosing them. I would get their books at work to review for my craft column, and I’d always clear my desk off just so I could take time to concentrate and drool over the covers, the images and projects. Now I’m part of that family too (thank you, Rosy!)!!

But it didn’t come easy. Sure, it sounds like it – “Oh guess what? This happened to me!” – Nuh-uh. This will be my seventh Crafty Chica book – but my 15th pitch. A pitch is a book idea translated into a proposal. A book proposal is about 30-40 pages long and includes every reason why you think your book idea will sell, plus a full-on outline, smaple chapter, intro, pictures, and every other detail you can think of. You have to prove your case backwards, forwards and upside down while chewing gum. And just because you do all that work, doesn’t mean an editor will be as excited as you are. I’ve had my fair share of proposals land in the ca-ca pile, but I don’t give up. It’s the middle child Jan Brady in me.

For example, this particular book (originally a general sewing book) started as a proposal I did in 2005. I sat on it for a year. And then after having a different proposal rejected, I decided to pull out this one and look at it with fresh eyes. I forgot how much fun I had putting it all together, there was mucho potential. That was a year later. The next year was spent reworking it, narrowing the focus, coming up with interesting projects and formulating it into a book idea that an editor felt confident would sell. Thanks to my agent and Rosy, my new book editor, it worked – it is an amazing, original, artful concept! . Now the hard part comes, I have to put it all together!

It is so worth it. I also feel honored because one of my very dear fiends, Laurie Notaro is also under contract with Random House/Villard Books. Speaking of her – she has her debut novel coming out next month!

OK, so the other skip-happy event this week was I began taking Spanish classes for my new role with Duncan. There is a fabulous company here in Phoenix called Interlingua, that specilaizes in teaching the language.

My parents speak Spanish, but I never picked up on it. Patrick speaks Spanglish, so I’ve learned a bit from him. However, I’m tired of blaming my poor mom and dad for why I’m not with the program. With my new job (thank you Valerie!!), I need to be bilingual and I’m ready and able to tackle this challenge. I have two friends who learned Spanish as an adult, and now speak fluently, so I know I can do it. Today I had my second class and it’s such a wild experience. It’s like, I feel connected, yet I’m clumsy.

I’m on such a personal empowerment high right now that next week I’m signing up for Weight Watchers. Lord help me!

Now we’re up to tomorrow. First thing, I have a craft segment at 8:20 on Good Morning Arizona. Come to find out it is their first show in high-def TV. I’m going to demo the Glittericious Mixed Media book that I did for the Duncan ad! So many people have asked me about it, so I thought it would be fun to show the step-by-step process!

Today I got asked to decorate 180 centerpieces for the upcoming Valle del Sol Profiles of Success luncheon that kicks off Hispanic Heritage Month in September. I did this last year and it actually was much easier than it sounds. Tonight I cameup with two weeks worth of craft columns and made them, plus extra samples for the TV segment tomorrow. I watched Ugly Betty (best epsiode EVER) and then, The Queen, while I toiled away in the studio.

All this large scale work makes me think about my store web site. I’m a little burnt on keeping that up and running. Patrick and I have been chatting about maybe closing it or moving it to Etsy for when we actually have time to make things to sell. The last thing I want is to start to not like something that I used to love to do. It’s kinda getting that way with our art orders. There are so many of them, it is hard to keep up and I don’t feel like I’m giving 100% love. Gosh, I sound like Lily Allen when she cancelled the rest of her tour dates (except I’m not drunk).

Well, I better get to bed, I don’t want to have bags under my eyes for TV tomorrow. Before I go, I’ll share recent links from stories I did (yes, I’m still working at the paper 12 hours a week for the next month! And yes, I miss everyone there and I’m sending hugs right now).

Knitting with SoySilk Yarn

Crafty tools. I’ll have a better link to for this tomorrow, with pictures and side bars and stuff.

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