“Juicy Flame”, watercolor on paper

Never be afraid to think BIG. Allow yourself the opportunity to think that the crazy things you’ve always wished for can actually come your way. Recognize the signs and when they come, be darned ready to let go of the things you never thought you’d let go of.

That’s what I learned recently. Remember my “The Last Boo-hoo” post a while ago? My newspaper job was going through some staff changes, and I was so worried I’d get lost in the shuffle. My entertainment reporter job is the fifth member of our family, I love it so much. Well, there was a happy ending once the shuffle was overwith. I got the job I wanted! It all worked out and I shouldn’t have freaked out. Anyway, something odd happened along the way.

During that time of waiting to see where and how the chips would land, I did a lot of soul searching about what makes me *most happy*. I mean, aside from my hubby and kids. To pin it down in a sentence, I told myself it to inspire, empower and motivate people. The best way I can do that is through arts and crafts. I learned glitter sprinkles can go a lonnnng way.

I’ve always had a nagging itch in my mind and heart that I’m meant to take Crafty Chica to the next level. I dismissed the thought because, dang, how much bigger can you get than a national newspaper column? A blog that recieves almost two million visitors each month? Not to mention my craft book sales – nearly 50,000 total! What in the world would be the next level??? Who am I to even dare ask for the “next level” after multiple blessings like that?

Not to get all Secrety on you, but I finally admitted that I knew what that next level was, and that I was ready for it, I’d do right by it. As soon as I confirmed that in my mind and spirit, the opportunity of a lifetime came, right there in front of my face! Yikes! This stuff is for real! Be ready to recieve the things you ask for!

So…gulp! I turned in my notice at The Arizona Republic. That was the hardest act I’ve ever done in my life! I remember being a senior at Cortez High School, working on the newspaper staff and daydreaming about someday being an entertainment reporter for The AR. To think it actually came true, just blows me away, even after working there 13 years. How in the world could I ever imagine leaving? I come from a family that stays at one company until retirement. And I’ve had such a wonderful experience at the newspaper – they hired me in the newsroom without a college degree, let me write stories, paid for me to finish my degree, promoted me and, geez, the list goes on and on… Even when I turned in my notice, my editors have allowed me to stay on to write my American Idol column, as well as my beloved craft column!

I’m leaving, but then I’m kinda not. The BEST of both worlds. I won’t be interviewing Matthew McConaughey in his bathrobe, like I did for the paper, but that’s OK. Mommy can deal!

As for my new gig, (drumroll…) I’m now a Senior New Product Developer and Spokesperson for Duncan Enterprises. It’s an amazing, creative crafter’s jackpot-of-gold position, and the Crafty Chica brand has a lot to do with the job. The team there is so amazing and it thrills me when I hear how long everyone has happily been with the company. It’s like the Willy Wonka factory on steroids – lots of color all throughout the building, cheery, hard working people all with crafting on their minds. I’ll be able to post specific details very soon! In the meantime, check out this CNBC video on Duncan!!

This is so bizarre to think about because I can remember when Patrick and I were first married and had very little money, but we didn’t let that stop us from making our crafts. One time his grandma ripped out her wood tile floor to make way for a new one and we couldn’t imagine her throwing out the scuffed old tiles. We asked her if we could have them. She thought we were nuts, but she let us take them home. Four huge boxes full of them! We painted them, woodburned on them, added polymer clay, decoupaged and we sold every last one of them! You can even see them in our gallery. I remember working on those tiles, making a list of all the different ways to embellish them and daydreaming about what it would be to work for a craft company designing products. And now, that dream has come to fruition. Halle-crafty-lujah!

OK, do you need pancakes to go with all this syrup yet?

The moral to this story? I’m telling/begging/preaching/lecturing you to not be afraid to think about what your next level is. It doesn’t mean you have to quit your day job or make a huge life change, but it does mean that there is more to who you are than you know. It’s never too late or early to start. We all have that little secret wish inside of us of something crazy we’d like to do. Don’t deny it anymore! Carve out a bit of time and energy and look into it. You deserve it so much!! Not to get all soap boxy, but this is our one and only life. Work every angle, appreciate the people around you in new ways, make your mark, have fun, participate, raise your hand, stake your claim, feel worthy, don’t be a hater – be a lover, ask questions, inspire others, step it up, practice, show it off!

You will feel so good once you start seeing the results. And I guarantee – you will see results!

Peace, love and glitter always – and in all ways,
Kathy, your resident crafty chica

Author of Crafty Chica’s Art de la Soul: Glittery Ideas to Liven Up Your Life ($19.95, Rayo Books, an imprint of Harper Collins).

Love & light,

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