Live from Fresno!!

Hola my happy crafty chiquitas!! I’m blogging live and direct from Fresno, California!

I’m here for three fabulous, sun-filled days at Duncan Enterprises!! I get to see all the staff again and relish in the sparkly atmosphere of cermaics, paints, glitter, and more types of glues than Sanjaya has hairstyles.

I’ve been so excited for this trip that I even spent the weekend making a new bag to wear! I blame it on Target’s purse department. I was there with my sister and my mom, when Theresa (my sister) tells me – while flashing a “this is gonna hurt, but I’m telling you cuz I love you” look: “You need a new purse, that one is looking a little beat-down.”

She’s talking about a fabric collage bag I made last November, that I love. Yah, I admit, after wearing it non-stop for five months, it’s not quite as pristine as it used to be. I sighed and agreed. I proceeded to inspect all the store shelves and came “thisclose” to buying a boring black messenger bag. When I reached the cashier, without even thinking, I handed it over and told her i didn’t really want it after all. It just so happened that a vision appeared before my eyes! And that vision was surrounded by a circle of sparkling stars – it was a messenger bag that I was destined to make!

So that’s what I did, I stayed up until 3 a.m. that night and made this.

Front of messenger bag

Flap lifted up, these are the pockets

Making stuff is my way of burning off nervous energy. Especially when said stuff is of functional value, like a messenger bag with gobs of pictures on it. I knew I did good when I went through airport security today and the lady at the end of the conveyor belt squealed when she saw my bag come out of the X-Ray machine. She was about to ask me where I bought it, but then looked into my eyes, gasped and said – “You made it, didn’t you? You’re Kathy, the Crafty Chica!” Talk about a surreal moment!!

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Love & light,

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