My last day at the office!

Friday was my last day in the newsroom. It was extremely bittersweet. I started at 6 a.m. to write my last movie review. At 10 a.m. I interviewed the lead singer from The Fixx for an event that they are performing at here in Phoenix. At 11:30, my friends, Randy, Maura and her adorable nephew Tony took me to Tradiciones on 16th St and Roosevelt. OMG, if you ever come to Phoenix and want a taste of puro Mexican food – this is your best bet. Look, and see what I mean! I had never been, and I loved it!! This is outside the eatery, there is a little Mexican marketplace that’s like a micro Olvera Street.

I bought two ceramic chihuahua piggy banks that I want to trick out so bad! Sequins or squeeze paint? Both! I’ve finally concluded that I am a collector of cheesy Chihuahua collectibles. I have enough tacky Chihuahua treasures to fill a secondhand curio cabinet. Not the super fancy kind of collectibles, I’m talking the mini-flocked dashboard bobbleheads and their ceramic counterparts.

I got back into the office, wrote up my Fixx story, next week’s craft column and stopped to chat with people who came by to send me off with good wishes. I had planned to go hug each and every person in my department, but then I got choked up. I hate that I cry so easy!! So then I decided to just send everyone a personal email. I pulled out our newsroom phone list and by the fifth email, I became Tammy Faye! Yay for waterproof mascara! It had been a 10-hour day and the more I thought about it being my last day in the office the more it made me cry! I kept thinking, “I cannot believe I’m really doing this!” I’m such a wimp because technically I’m still on staff for six more weeks (mini-part time/working from home), just not in the office. I literally sobbed, like I was waving goodbye to my husband from the Titanic kind of sobbed. Thank goodness for my friend Marcia who walked me downstairs and gave me a big hug. Does everyonehave this hard of a time saying goodbye to co-workers?

Fast forward to La Pinata for my Last Day in the Office goodbye party!! A little tequila helps lighten the mood alright (although it does make for blurry photos). Here are some of my friends who showed up!

Carrie and Jay, brought me cake (thank you!!) that had a stud in a Speedo on top.

Our very attentive waiter was like, “I totally want that cake to take home!!!!” We had so much fun that night. Patrick and a few of his band members came too. My best friend, Jim, was the head bartender and he made sure I was happy. How could I not be?

For old time’s sake, here are some of my last interviews.

Marcia Gay Harden, The Hoax

Here are some of my favorites things from the CHA show. I’ll try to put up a slideshow and links very soon! and I’ll still be doing my craft column! And as always, you can read my American Idol coverage here. It’s Latin week tomorrow!

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  1. eehhh….you gotta show the pimped chihuahuas when you are done!!!! wish i coulda been to your party

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